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@fogus fogus/ary.clj
Created Oct 13, 2010

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(defprotocol Foo
(bar [this]))
(extend-type (Class/forName "[Ljava.lang.String;")
(bar [this] (seq this)))
(bar (into-array ["a" "b"]))
(extend-type (Class/forName "[[Ljava.lang.Object;")
(bar [this] (seq (map seq this))))
(bar (to-array-2d [["a" "b"]["c" "d"]]))

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commented Oct 14, 2010

The (defprotocol ...) invocation stalls Clojure 1.2.0 on me, on Fedora Linux 14, x86_64. Tried it with Sun's 64-bit JDK 1.6.0u22 and Fedora's open-source OpenJDK. If I type it in the REPL I get nil back but never get back to the prompt

(EDIT) looks like a REPL bug; entering a number after that causes that number to be echoed and control returning to the prompt

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