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Nix JS shell template
with import <nixpkgs> {}; let
runtimeLibs = [ dbus glib gnome.gtk gnome.pango atk cairo freetype fontconfig gdk_pixbuf
xorg.libX11 xorg.libXrandr xorg.libXext xorg.libXi xorg.libXcursor xorg.libXfixes
xorg.libXrender xorg.libXcomposite xorg.libXdamage xorg.libXtst
gnome.GConf nss nspr alsaLib cups expat libcap systemd ];
libPaths = map (x: ":${x}/lib") runtimeLibs;
in rec {
N1Env = stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "N1";
buildInputs = [ stdenv cmake pkgconfig libgnome_keyring nodejs python ];
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${}/lib" + lib.foldl (x: y: x + y) "" libPaths;
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