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Last active Jun 26, 2019
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keyhac config
import pyauto
from keyhac import *
def configure(keymap):
def is_not_cygwin(window):
return window.getProcessName() != "mintty.exe"
keymap_emacs = keymap.defineWindowKeymap(check_func=is_not_cygwin)
keymap_emacs["LC-a"] = "Home"
keymap_emacs["LC-e"] = "End"
keymap_emacs["LC-p"] = "Up"
keymap_emacs["LC-n"] = "Down"
keymap_emacs["LC-f"] = "Right"
keymap_emacs["LC-b"] = "Left"
keymap_emacs["LC-h"] = "Back"
keymap_emacs["LC-d"] = "Delete"
keymap_emacs["LC-y"] = "RC-v"
keymap_emacs["LC-k"] = "S-End", "RC-x"
keymap_emacs["LC-t"] = "S-Right", "RC-x", "Left", "RC-v"
keymap_global = keymap.defineWindowKeymap()
keymap_global["BackSlash"] = "S-BackSlash"
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