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a ruby function to perform some basic checks on an app package to validate it for Mac App Store submission
def mas_validation
return unless $config[:build][:package]
if $config[:build][:ios]
if $config[:build][:configuration] == 'ReleaseMacAppStore'
notice("Validating for MAS")
# puts "Verifying package signature"
# verify_cmd = %Q(codesign -v -vvv "#{$mas_package_file}")
# failed("Package isn't signed correctly") unless system(verify_cmd)
tmp_path = "/tmp/" + $package_title
plist_file = $mas_package_file + '.plist'
FileUtils.rm_r tmp_path, :force => true if File.exists?(tmp_path)
util_cmd = %Q(/usr/libexec/productutil --package "#{$mas_package_file}" --expand "#{tmp_path}" --extract-metadata --check-signature > "#{plist_file}")
# puts util_cmd
failed("Dumping package metadata") unless system(util_cmd)
valid=`/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Print product-signature:validated' "#{plist_file}"`.chop
failed("Validating package") unless valid == "true"
errors = `/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Print product-metadata:packages:0:unsigned-execute-paths' "#{plist_file}"`
if errors =~ /Array \{\n\}/
puts "No unsigned elements in package"
puts errors
failed "There are unsigned elements in this build\nYou may need to use -> svn propdel -R svn:executable <path> <- to remove this error\nLike this: find . -type f -perm -a+x -not -iwholename '*.svn*' -print0 | xargs -0 -I {} svn propdel -R svn:executable \"{}\""
# I'm not porting the tests for PPC code or for codesign space allocation.
# Ensure that Sparkle.framework isn't in the app bundle
if /matches/ =~ `grep Sparkle.framework '#{$product_path}/Contents/MacOS/#{$config[:build][:appname]}'`
failed "Sparkle framework referenced in app bundle"
embeddedProfileList = `find '#{$product_path}' -name embedded.provisionprofile`
if embeddedProfileList.lines.count > 1
puts embeddedProfileList
failed "More than one embedded.provisionprofile file found inside of the app."
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