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Created September 28, 2019 14:47
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The Display Software Resources (DSPSFWRSC) command allows you to show, print, or write to an output file the list of installed software resources. This SQL example shows how to externalize the same detail by extracting message text and transforming numerics into integer form.
-- category: Software Resources
-- description: DSPSFWRSC for SQL users
create or replace function coolstuff.whatsinstalled ()
returns table (
product varchar(7) ccsid 37, load integer, option integer,
software_text varchar(132) ccsid 37
external action
modifies sql data
call qsys2.qcmdexc(
return select lcprdi, lcpfgi, lcsfgi, message_text
from qtemp.prod_info
inner join qsys2.message_file_data
on message_file_library = lcdtml
and message_file = lcdtmf
and message_id = lcdtmi;
-- Display Software Resources...
select * from table(coolstuff.whatsInstalled());
-- Is DB2 SMP installed?
select count(*) SMP_INSTALLED from table(coolstuff.whatsInstalled())
where product = '5770SS1' and option = 26;
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