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Created October 12, 2019 21:29
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-- Search for journals that can be easily improved
-- Resources:
select journal_library, journal_name, receiver_maximum_size, remove_internal_entries, asp_number,
journal_aspgrp, attached_journal_receiver_name, attached_journal_receiver_library,
message_queue, message_queue_library, delete_receiver_option, delete_receiver_delay,
journal_type, journal_state, number_journal_receivers, total_size_journal_receivers,
number_remote_journals, redirected_receiver_library, maximum_remote_journals_entries_behind,
maximum_remote_journals_time_behind, maximum_remote_journals_retransmissions, journal_text,
manage_receiver_option, manage_receiver_delay, remove_fixed_length_detail,
receiver_maximum_size, minimize_esd_for_data_areas, minimize_esd_for_files, journal_cache,
fixed_length_data_includes_job_name, fixed_length_data_includes_user_name,
fixed_length_data_includes_program_name, fixed_length_data_includes_program_library,
fixed_length_data_includes_system_sequence_number, fixed_length_data_includes_remote_address,
fixed_length_data_includes_thread_id, fixed_length_data_includes_logical_unit_of_work_id,
fixed_length_data_includes_transaction_id, journaled_object_limit, journaled_objects,
journaled_files, journaled_members, journaled_data_areas, journaled_data_queues,
journaled_ifs_objects, journaled_access_paths, journaled_commitment_definitions,
journaled_libraries, journal_recovery_count, remote_journal_type, journal_delivery_mode,
local_journal_name, local_journal_library, local_journal_system, local_journal_aspgrp,
source_journal_name, source_journal_library, source_journal_system, source_journal_aspgrp,
local_receiver_system, source_receiver_system, activation_time, estimated_time_behind,
maximum_time_behind, maximum_behind_timestamp, journal_entry_filtering
from qsys2.journal_info ji
where journal_type = '*LOCAL'
and (remove_internal_entries = 'NO'
or receiver_maximum_size not in ('*MAXOPT2', '*MAXOPT3'))
order by journal_library, journal_name;
-- Find any journals not using at least *MAXOPT2 or *RMVINTENT
-- *SYSDFT == Specifying this value is currently equivalent to specifying *MAXOPT2 and *RMVINTENT.
declare v_journal_name, v_journal_library varchar(10) ccsid 37;
declare v_eof integer default 0;
declare v_minfixlen varchar(3) ccsid 37;
declare v_rcvsizopt varchar(10) ccsid 37;
declare new_rcvsizopt varchar(100) ccsid 37;
declare chgjrn_command varchar(1000) ccsid 37;
declare journal_query_text varchar(1000) ccsid 37 default
'SELECT qsys2.delimit_name(Journal_Library), qsys2.delimit_name(Journal_Name),
receiver_maximum_size, MINFIXLEN
where journal_type = ''*LOCAL''
and (remove_internal_entries = ''NO''
or receiver_maximum_size not in (''*MAXOPT2'', ''*MAXOPT3''))
order by journal_library, journal_name';
declare older_journals cursor for older_journals_query;
declare continue handler for sqlstate '02000' set v_eof = 1;
prepare older_journals_query from journal_query_text;
open older_journals;
l1: loop
fetch older_journals into v_journal_library, v_journal_name, v_rcvsizopt, v_minfixlen;
if (v_eof = 1) then
leave l1;
end if;
-- a) The size of the attached receivers is reduced by automatic removal of the internal system entries.
set new_rcvsizopt = ' RCVSIZOPT(*RMVINTENT ';
-- b) If not using *MAXOPT2 or *MAXOPT3, changed to *MAXOPT2
if (v_rcvsizopt = '*MAXOPT3' or v_rcvsizopt = '*MAXOPT2') then
set new_rcvsizopt = new_rcvsizopt concat v_rcvsizopt;
else set new_rcvsizopt = new_rcvsizopt concat '*MAXOPT2';
end if;
-- c) Keep minfixlen setting
if (v_minfixlen = 'YES') then
set new_rcvsizopt = new_rcvsizopt concat ' *MINFIXLEN)';
else set new_rcvsizopt = new_rcvsizopt concat ')';
end if;
set chgjrn_command = 'CALL QSYS2.QCMDEXC(''QSYS/CHGJRN JRN(' concat
v_journal_library concat '/' concat v_journal_name concat
') JRNRCV(*GEN) ' concat new_rcvsizopt concat ' '')';
-- lprintf was added to systools on November 15, 2019 on IBM i 7.3 and IBM i 7.4
-- If you aren't on that Db2 PTF Group level, comment this call out or
-- build your own lprintf procedure
-- (steps found here:
call systools.lprintf(chgjrn_command);
execute immediate chgjrn_command;
end loop;
close older_journals;
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