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A suggestion for Monadizing Map Algebra operations, so that they're generic across any Tile type.
/* Eugene (et al.), our mistake might have been that `MapAlgebra` isn't the Monad,
* RDDs are. We'd like to do things like:
* rdd1.localMean(rdd2).flatMap(r => r.focalGradient).flatMap(r => r.moreStuff)
implicit class KeyedRDDMethods[K: Key, A](rdd: RDD[(K,A)]) {
/* Binary operations are naturally expressed as an FP `zipWith` operation.
* There is a keyed variant that works across Map-like containers.
def zipWithKey(other: RDD[(K,B)])(f: (K,A,B) => C): RDD[(K,C)] = {
/* For (Key,Tile) pairs who have a matching Key in the other RDD,
* combine their Tiles via some `f`, automatically retaining their
* shared Key.
implicit class MapAlgebraMethods[K: Key, A](rdd: RDD[(K,A)]) {
/* With the above, we can implement Map Algebra functions in the following
* style, where the optional `g` function is the means by which the user
* can "lift" the `Tile` output of the algebra back into an `A` or otherwise.
* Usage then looks like:
* rdd.localMean(other) // "I'm okay with dumping metadata." Type: RDD[(Key, Tile)]
* rdd.localMean(other) { case (a1,a2,t) =>
* HigherTileType(t, a.metadata) // "Dump a2's metadata" Type: RDD[(Key, HigherTileType)]
* }
* This pattern leaves RDDs flatMappable for subsequent MapAlgebra ops.
def localMean(other: RDD[(K,A)])(g: (A,A,B) => C = _._3): RDD[(K, C)] = {
rdd.zipWithKey(other)({ case (_,a,b) =>
val mean: Tile = doTileMean(a.tile, b.tile)
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