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IDS Signature to detect the extraneous space in Cobalt Strike < 3.13
alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"FOX-IT - Trojan - Possible CobaltStrike C2 Server"; \
flow:to_client; \
content:"HTTP/1.1 200 OK |0d0a|"; fast_pattern; depth:18; \
content:"Date: "; \
pcre:"/^HTTP/1.1 200 OK \r\nContent-Type: [^\r\n]{0,100}\r\nDate: [^\r\n]{0,100} GMT\r\n(Content-Length: \d+\r\n)\r\n/"; \
threshold:type limit, track by_dst, count 1, seconds 600; \
classtype:trojan-activity; priority:2; \
sid:21002217; rev:3;)
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fox-srt commented Apr 30, 2019

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