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Last active Aug 30, 2021
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Serve current directory via nginx
# Extremely basic development setup to serve the current directory at http://localhost:9001
# Start nginx in this directory with `nginx -p . -c nginx.conf`
# Stop nginx with `nginx -p . -s stop`
events {}
http {
# Serve files with correct mimetypes on OSX
# location may have to be adjusted depending on your OS and nginx install
include /usr/local/etc/nginx/mime.types;
server {
listen 9001;
access_log http.access.log;
error_log http.error.log;
root .;
location / {
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NightMachinary commented Aug 29, 2021

Does this also include directory listings?

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foxxyz commented Aug 30, 2021

Does this also include directory listings?

To enable directory listings, check out autoindex

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