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Gets and prints the tasks for "today", from the Todoist API. Intended to be used alongside
# Use the todoist API to get tasks from the current day
import todoist
from datetime import datetime
# Log user in; switch to OAuth eventually...
api = todoist.TodoistAPI()
def get_todays_tasks(email, password):
Get tasks due on the current utc day
:return: list of task dicts
# user = api.user.login(email, password)
api.user.login(email, password)
tasks_today = []
# Sync (load) data
response = api.sync()
# Get "today", only keep Day XX Mon, which Todoist uses
today = datetime.utcnow().strftime("%a %d %b")
for item in response['items']:
due = item['due_date_utc']
if due:
# Slicing :10 gives us the relevant parts
if due[:10] == today:
return tasks_today
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ijoseph commented Jan 24, 2021

They changed the API at some point. This is what works as of today:

today = datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
api = TodoistAPI(<FILL>)
for item in api.state['items']:
    if item['due'] is not None and item['due']['date'] == today:

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