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Created Sep 23, 2011
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rake assets:precompile without hitting the DB
namespace :assets do
# Prepend the assets:precompile_prepare task to assets:precompile.
task :precompile => :precompile_prepare
# This task will be called before assets:precompile to optimize the
# compilation, i.e. to prevent any DB calls.
task 'precompile_prepare' do
# Without this assets:precompile will call itself again with this var set.
# This basically speeds things up.
ENV['RAILS_GROUPS'] = 'assets'
# Devise uses this flag to prevent connecting to the db.
# Prevent loading observers which will load the models which in turn may hit
# the DB.
module ActiveModel::Observing::ClassMethods
def instantiate_observers; end
# Prevent route drawing because certain gems might get called which will hit
# the DB.
class ActionDispatch::Routing::RouteSet
def draw; end
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