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Created February 27, 2012 09:37
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Idea for NotORM named queries
namespace My;
class NotORM extends \NotORM
public static function getReflection()
return new Nette\Reflection\ClassType(get_called_class());
public function __call($name, $args)
// extension methods
if ($cb = $this->getReflection()->getExtensionMethod($name)) {
array_unshift($args, $this);
return $cb->invokeArgs($args);
return parent::__call($name, $args);
public function setNamedQuery($name, $query)
$this->getReflection()->setExtensionMethod($name, $query);
$notOrm = new NotORM(...);
$notOrm->setNamedQuery('someQuery', function ($NotORM, $param1, $param2, ...) {
return $NotORM->page('id', $NotORM->page()->select('MAX(id) id')->group('parent, url');
$notOrm->someQuery($param1, $param2)->...
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