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Created October 1, 2013 16:14
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public class AccountSearch {
public Table table;
public EntityAction entity;
public Messages messages;
public AccountSearchOrders orders;
public AccountSearchForm form;
public static class AccountSearchOrders extends CustomWebElement {
public OrderBy username = new OrderBy("account_username");
public OrderBy password = new OrderBy("account_password");
public OrderBy email = new OrderBy("account_email");
public OrderBy isEnabled = new OrderBy("account_isEnabled");
public OrderBy civility = new OrderBy("account_civility");
public OrderBy firstName = new OrderBy("account_firstName");
public OrderBy lastName = new OrderBy("account_lastName");
public OrderBy birthDate = new OrderBy("account_birthDate");
public OrderBy description = new OrderBy("account_description");
public OrderBy addressId = new OrderBy("account_addressId");
public static class AccountSearchForm extends SearchForm {
public Autocomplete username = new Autocomplete("form:username");
public Autocomplete password = new Autocomplete("form:password");
public Autocomplete email = new Autocomplete("form:email");
public ManyBooleans isEnabled = new ManyBooleans("form:isEnabled");
public ChooseEnum<Civility> civility = new ChooseEnum<Civility>("form:civility");
public Autocomplete firstName = new Autocomplete("form:firstName");
public Autocomplete lastName = new Autocomplete("form:lastName");
public StringRange birthDate = new StringRange("form:birthDate");
public Autocomplete description = new Autocomplete("form:description");
public Autocomplete homeAddress = new Autocomplete("form:homeAddressSelector");
public Autocomplete coolBooks = new Autocomplete("form:coolBooksSelector");
public Autocomplete edocs = new Autocomplete("form:edocsSelector");
public Autocomplete securityRoles = new Autocomplete("form:securityRolesSelector");
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