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begin remote
name freebox_v5
bits 20
eps 2
aeps 100
header 417 278
three 167 778
two 167 611
one 167 444
zero 167 278
ptrail 167
gap 100817
pre_data_bits 12
pre_data 0x240
toggle_bit_mask 0x8000
begin codes
0 0x02600
1 0x02601
2 0x02602
3 0x02603
4 0x02604
5 0x02605
6 0x02606
7 0x02607
8 0x02608
9 0x02609
return 0x0260A
power 0x0260C
mute 0x0260D
info 0x0260F
vol+ 0x02610
vol- 0x02611
ch+ 0x02620
ch- 0x02621
forward 0x0262E
back 0x0262F
stop 0x02631
record 0x02637
next 0x0264C
previous 0x0264D
up 0x02658
down 0x02659
left 0x0265A
right 0x0265B
ok 0x0265C
? 0x02681
escape 0x0269E
play 0x026B8
list 0x026CC
screen 0x026CD
free 0x026D7
tv 0x026F2
envelope 0x026F3
start 0xC0001
select 0xC0002
bleft 0xC0020
bright 0xC0040
yellow 0xC0080
blue 0xC0100
red 0xC0200
green 0xC0400
jleft 0xC0800
jdown 0xC1000
jright 0xC2000
jup 0xC4000
end codes
end remote
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