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Design Systems and Style Guides: Government, Civic

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Initially focused on Open Design Systems used by U.S. Federal agencies (e.g. Playbook), and looking to include more in the Open Source Government space.


Naming things is fun, no? You call it Style Guide, he calls it Playbook, I call it Design System, or perhaps Living Style Guide; whatever it is let's list it.

  • Design System
  • Style Guide / Living Style Guide
  • Playbook
  • HTML/CSS Framework, Toolkit, Front-end Guidelines, etc (particularly when tied in with Design System)
  • Content Style Guide


While this may list some User Experience Resources specific to Gov, this resource is not looking to document every possible resource for UX/Usability/Human Factors/etc.

Needs more

  • States
  • Cities
  • Non-profits
  • Civic organizations


U.S. Federal Agencies

Government other




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