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frank-dspeed / Secure Peer Verification
Created November 2, 2022 04:58
Secure Peer Verification Concept
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Peer Verification process

After the connection handshake the human handshake needs to happen we mark the old and new keys when they are used for messages


Async Distributed Key Verification including conditional overtime mutation Archives the goal of Ultra High Security applyed async out of band does not effect core throughput of data Is able to verify and discard or quarantäne data.

frank-dspeed /
Last active October 28, 2022 00:34
CanJS Translation
{{# if(this.promise.isPending) }}
{{/ if }}
{{# if(this.promise.isRejected) }}
  Error: {{ this.promise.reason }}
{{/ if }}
{{# if(this.promise.isResolved) }}
  Result: {{ this.promise.value }}
frank-dspeed /
Created October 27, 2022 05:56
Why do Distros Exist?


To understand the concepts of Distros you need to understand the fundamentals of Software Builds.

Linux or Windows or Any Operating System that doesn't matter ships Distros. They are a Conceptual Component Systems.

We Will talk now more about Linux as there it is often more logical as we have a larger set of possible distros.

The most Linux Distros got diffrent Compilers and Package Managers thats what makes them a distro at the core they use the same Core Kernel which they may or may not adjust to work with the rest of the distro that they ship.

frank-dspeed /
Created October 8, 2022 21:28
Create WASM Bindgen Example

To start, install Cargo/Rust and wasm-pack. Once the base installation setup is done, you’re ready to start coding.

Example string based processing in rust is save as UTF-8 is true for Stealify and Rust

pub fn greet() -> String { 
  String::from("Hello World!") 
frank-dspeed / SelfExplaining ECMAScript
Last active August 25, 2022 04:15
Self Explaining Code Patterns for ECMAScript maybe later TypeChecking. Typescript
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SelfExplaining ECMAScript Javascript

I am at Present Researching Patterns to make code more self Descriptiv and Maybe Runtime Checkable My Personal Succeesor Over Typescript & Flow at Present used in Stealify to allow IDL Expression

So we use it to supply Intend to our Software that we use Something via a Handle Expressed by a IDL

its the functional eqivalent of Tagged Template Strings in Fact.

Tagged Template Strings Example

frank-dspeed / How to record a coding
Created August 2, 2022 06:33
How to record a coding video
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This are Advices

  • Code the application and test it
  • Record nothing at present
  • When you got enough code to copy paste it from left to right screen then
  • start a fresh project and record how you copy paste commented code parts.
  • this way you can condense video length and offer more well tought of knowleg.
    • while your missing failures maybe but you can avoid that via a lot of commits.
      • this even more advanced documents your progress! consider auto commit on save!
      • and later on merge reduce that but keep that branch for history and replay!
  • Add Automated tests while coding and Imrpove overall developers.
frank-dspeed /
Last active June 26, 2022 17:18
Running Windows 11 Hyper V on KVM

Run virt-manager and create a Win11 VM 4GB Ram, 64 GB Storage better double that numbers

sudo apt-get install virt-manager
newgrp libvirt
frank-dspeed / WDA Web Driven Application Development.
Created June 21, 2022 07:37
WDA Web Driven Application Development
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## The Problem?!
We need a secure channel or interface between the app and our backend logic (nativ code)
## Solutions
- Spawn a SocksProxy
- Spawn a HTTP/3 or HTTP/2 Server
- use the DevTools Protocol (less overhead then TCP/IP) when used via pipe
- Streaming a file without the TCP IP Stack is possible via XHReqest from file url
- chrome-extension fired by a other app mounting fuse block device memfs <No Overhead> as the file descriptor gets passed via boundarys
frank-dspeed / Replace PNPM or use it with
Created June 10, 2022 10:02
Replace PNPM or use it with NPM
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It looks like this already may be possible, unless I'm misunderstanding the exact use case:

Generate a package-lock.json file without installing dependencies in node_modules: npm i --package-lock-only

I was only using pnpm for demo projects to save disk space because I needed a package-lock.json on the CI servers, but it looks like I can just generate it via npm while keeping the node_modules symlinked to a central store. I think this means I can now use pnpm for work projects too.