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:D good one!

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copying is good but dont forget the credit and never ever forget to add your innovativeness in that code which could make it more better.

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tkutru commented Jun 20, 2016

I hope you guys made something like
curl -L | less
before command execution.
Contents of remote resource could be anything, including much more harmful commands (like data deletion and etc.).

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The nr #1 reason why I always advice (and get ignored) to first download the source and check its contents...
It is proven to be clueless developer nr #1 way to infect computers with all kinds of stuff :)

👍 for the Rickroll

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Never gonna make you cry!

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Okay but how to terminate this shit

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Reviewed the code, didn't blindly run it... want to though.. so tempted...

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iabdsam commented Nov 6, 2021

Its not a bug, its a feature

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Ahah that's awesome :)

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noahzho commented Feb 2, 2023

anyone got a new one? it dosen't work anymore :(

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