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Medium blog post
(defn useReconciler [reconciler effect-handler initial-state]
(let [[state&effects set-state] (react/useState {:state initial-state})
[state effects] ((juxt get dissoc) state&effects :state)
dispatch (uix/callback
(fn [action] (set-state (fn [{:keys [state]}] (merge {:state state} (reconciler state action)))))
(fn []
(when-not (empty? effects)
(doseq [effect effects :let [[type payload] effect]]
(effect-handler dispatch {:type type :payload payload}))
(set-state {:state state})))
[effects effect-handler dispatch])
[state dispatch]))
(defn reconciler [state {:keys [type payload]}]
(case type
:buzz {:state (assoc state :buzzed true)
:http {:endpoint "/api/post"
:params (get state :name)}}
:play-sound {:path "/audio/buzz.mp3"}}
:clear {:state (dissoc state :buzzed)
:http {:endpoint "/api/post"
:params (get state :room-id)}}
:show-toast {:message "Buzzer cleared!"}}))
(defn App []
(let [[state dispatch] (useReconciler reconciler effect-handler {:page :home})]
[Home state]))
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