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Last active December 17, 2020 13:40
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Starting shadow
WIN_IP=$(powershell.exe -Command "(Test-Connection -ComputerName (hostname) -Count 1).IPV4Address.IPAddressToString" | sed 's/\r//')
# logs
kitty @ launch --keep-focus --title logs --cwd=current bash
kitty @ send-text --match title:logs "cd rn\n"
kitty @ send-text --match title:logs "sleep 41\n"
kitty @ send-text --match title:logs "react-native log-android\n"
# metro
kitty @ launch --keep-focus --title metro --cwd=current bash
kitty @ send-text --match title:metro "cd rn\n"
kitty @ send-text --match title:metro "sleep 40\n"
kitty @ send-text --match title:metro "yarn start\n"
# shadow-cljs
kitty @ launch --keep-focus --title shadow-cljs --cwd=current bash
kitty @ send-text --match title:shadow-cljs "shadow-cljs -A:mobile:mobile/dev watch app --config-merge $CONFIG\n"
# term
kitty @ set-tab-title fleetito
# kitty @ send-text "sleep 43 && cd rn && react-native run-android &\n"
# react-native run-android --verbose --deviceId facfd83
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