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frankolson / rails_helper.rb
Last active Jan 1, 2020
Stubbing constants that are used as a side effect of a let! function
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# Rails helper config stuff...
# Because `let!' is always run before any `before` calls, you have to manually
# overide the constant in the rails helper
SomeClass.send :remove_const, 'FILE_NAME'
SomeClass.const_set 'FILE_NAME', 'spec/fixtures/files/something/cool.yml'
frankolson / some_model.rb
Last active Oct 31, 2019
Email validation in rails
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class SomeModel < ApplicationRecord
validates :email, format: {
with: URI::MailTo::EMAIL_REGEXP,
message: 'requires a valid email format'
View trix_editor_view_example.erb
<%= form_with model: @article do |form| %>
<div class="field">
<%= form.label :title %>
<%= form.text_field :title, placeholder: 'Title' %>
<div class="field">
<input id="article_content" type="hidden" name="article[content]"
value="<%= form.content %>">
<trix-editor input="article_content"></trix-editor>
View app\controllers\application_controller.rb
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
# While in such a small app, this extraction into a concern seems unnecessary.
# I included this abstraction as an example of DRY and modular code..
include SetRequest
frankolson / post_test.rb
Last active Oct 27, 2018
Capybara/Trix Editor example tests
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# test/system/article/post_test.rb
require 'application_system_test_case'
class Articles::PostTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
setup do
sign_in_as users(:will)
visit articles_path
test 'post a new article' do
frankolson / test_helper.rb
Created Oct 27, 2018
Auto-load support files into your test helper
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# test/test_helper.rb
ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'test'
require_relative '../config/environment'
require 'rails/test_help'
# Be sure to add this line to include all support files
Dir["#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/support/**/*.rb"].each { |f| require f }
class ActiveSupport::TestCase
# Setup all fixtures in test/fixtures/*.yml for all tests in alphabetical order.
frankolson / articles.yml
Created Oct 27, 2018
Capybara/Trix Editor example fixtures
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# test/fixtures/articles.yml
title: Testing the Trix Editor with Capybara
content: <div>We are going to learn some cool stuff!</div>
frankolson / capybara_helpers.rb
Created Oct 27, 2018
Capybara helpers for the Trix Editor
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# test/support/capybara_helpers.rb
def fill_in_trix_editor(id, with:)
find(:xpath, "//trix-editor[@input='#{id}']").click.set(with)
def find_trix_editor(id)
find(:xpath, "//*[@id='#{id}']", visible: false)
frankolson / linkedin_industries.rb
Created Jul 14, 2018
Grab the list of LinkedIn industries.
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# Updated version of the following gist:
# list =
# industry =
# industry.description
# => "Accounting"
# industry.code
View memory_logger.rb
module MemoryLogger
def log_memory(&block)
thread = create_memory_log_thread
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