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Convert UIKeyCommand from deprecated init syntax to iOS 13 SDK syntax
# Regex:
UIKeyCommand\(input: (.+)\, modifierFlags: (.+), action: #selector\((.+)\), discoverabilityTitle: (.+)\),
# Replace:
UIKeyCommand(title: $4,
image: nil,
action: #selector($3),
input: $1,
modifierFlags: $2,
propertyList: nil,
alternates: [],
discoverabilityTitle: nil,
attributes: [],
state: .off),

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@douglashill douglashill commented May 17, 2020

Most of those parameters are default values if you want to trim it down a bit.


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@frankrausch frankrausch commented May 18, 2020

Ha, I got the new parameters from the Xcode autocomplete and didn’t bother to look more closely. Thanks, Douglas!

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