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Interesting web services

Interesting web services

A semi-curated list of SaaS, platforms and web-based tools for software development.


  • Chiffre - End-to-end encrypted analytics (shameless plug)
  • Matomo - Self-hostable alternative to Google Analytics


  • Geofabrik - Download OSM data for various regions
  • OSRM - Open Source Routing Machine for pathfinding

Code Sandboxes

Color Tools


  • Zeit Now - Serverless deployments from a CLI
  • Surge - Static front-end deployments from a CLI
  • Netlify - Auto-deploy static assets on GitHub pushes
  • ExoFrame - Self-hosted Docker deployments from a CLI (alternative to now-defunct Now 1.0)
  • Backery - Web application + DBaaS hosting platform
  • Google Cloud Run - Beta serverless HTTP containers
  • CleverCloud - French PaaS with no ties to BigCloud


Not technically services, but great articles about design in general:



Image Upload / Hosting / CDN

  • Unsplash - Beautiful photos for placeholders with free/libre licenses
  • ImgBB - Simple "image to URL" service with self-destruct options
  • UploadCare - Gallery, CDN and upload/editor widget for React
  • SubtlePatterns - Background pattern images

Image Optimisation

In-app contact systems

  • SmallChat - web => slack, dead easy to integrate
  • CrispChat - web + analytics => native app


  • UpDown - Pay-as-you-go uptime monitoring


  • ButtonDown - Simple, free for the first 1k subscribers


  • Webtask - Node.js code editor for quick serverless functions setup
  • Netlify Functions - Node.js functions as a service
  • Zeit Now 2 - Various languages supported, wrapper over AWS Lambda


  • Percy - Visual review of web page changes
  • - Get various HTTP statuses for mocking & debugging clients

Performance Testing

  • WebpageTest - Waterfall analysis of network requests
  • RequestMap - Visual representation of webpagetest results
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