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Restrict the maximum file size as well as the maximum allowed resolution for images uploaded to WordPress.
* Plugin Name: (#67107) »kaiser« Restrict file upload via image dimensions
function wpse67107_restrict_upload( $file )
$file_data = getimagesize( $file );
// Abort when we can't get any info:
if ( ! $file_data )
return $file;
// Abort when we ain't got an image:
$file_type = array_shift( explode( '/', $file['type'] ) );
if ( 'image' != $file_type )
return $file;
list( $width, $height, $type, $hwstring, $mime, $rgb_r_cmyk, $bit ) = $file_data;
// Add conditions when to abort
if ( 3200728 < $width * $height )
// I added 100k as sometimes, there are more rows/columns
// than visible pixels, depending on the format
$file['error'] = 'This image is too large. Resize it prior to uploading, ideally below 3.2MP or 2048x1536 px.';
return $file;
add_filter( 'wp_handle_upload_prefilter', 'wpse67107_restrict_upload' );
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