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WPSE - WordPress/PHP Date Debug Plugin

EN If the Gist download doesn't work, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE as .zip file.

DE Wenn der Download des Gists nicht funktioniert, kannst Du das Plugin als .zip-Datei HIER DOWNLOADEN

* Plugin Name: WPSE Sysinfo
* Plugin URI:
* Description: <strong>1.</strong> Create a new post. Save it. <strong>2.</strong>. Set the date to Jan. 1st, 0999, click Update. Ist it saved or changed to the current date? <strong>3.</strong>. Repeat for the date settings for 1899, 2020 and 2039. <strong>4.</strong> Take the information from the plugin output in your admin footer, and update the table.
add_action( 'shutdown', 'wpse_sysinfo' );
function wpse_sysinfo() {
printf (
"<pre style='background: #fff; color: #000;'>PHP: %s | DB: %s | PHP %s-Bit</pre>",
4 === PHP_INT_SIZE ? 32 : 8 === PHP_INT_SIZE ? 64 : PHP_INT_SIZE
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