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Steps to create a simple form and window in ExtJS4
//OnReady Ext function
//Creating a namespace
title: 'Hello Sencha',
height: 285,
width: 250,
layout: 'fit',
//alias -- it is necessary to put widget, when we will call on xtype it not more necessary to put widget
alias: ['widget.informationsformpanel'],
//Our TestPanel is a form Panel by inheritance
extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
//To configure our methods inside this Context: Test
//automatically accessor methods are generated
config: {
//items in your panel
items: {
//It is executed when the widget is instantied
//To set up your configs, apply our configs
constructor: function(cfg){
The initComponent template method is an important initialization step for a Component.
The initComponent method must contain a call to callParent in order to ensure that the parent class' initComponent method is also called.
Look the items and create these componentes
initComponent: function(){
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