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Last active Aug 15, 2021
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Google Analytics Reporting API usage example
// composer require google/apiclient
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
// This is the file obtained from Google during the service account creation process
// see these links:
// 1.
// 2.
$secrets = __DIR__ . '/secrets.json';
$client = new Google_Client();
$client->setApplicationName('Test App');
$analytics = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting($client);
$dateRange = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_DateRange();
$pageViews = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_Metric();
$filter = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_DimensionFilter();
$filterClause = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_DimensionFilterClause();
$request = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_ReportRequest();
// View ID has to be taken from the View Settings of your Google Analytics account
// Note: Reporting API will fail unless View ID is a string
$body = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_GetReportsRequest();
* Here and below we have to deal with incorrect type hints in the generated PHP code
* @var Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_Report $report
$report = $analytics->reports->batchGet($body)->getReports()[0];
* @var Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_DateRangeValues $total
$total = $report->getData()->getTotals()[0];
// This is the desired page views amount
echo $total->current();
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cdbessig commented Jul 22, 2021


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waqasy commented Aug 15, 2021

It works. Thank you

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