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Simula N partides del joc de la asignatura d'algorismia de la FME
# Exemple per executar:
# python Stonks Stonks Stonks2 Stonks2 100
import subprocess
import random
import os
import sys
from multiprocessing import Pool
from collections import defaultdict
N_THREADS = 6 # Recomanació: 2*(nombre de nuclis) - 1 o 2*(nombre de nuclis) - 2
def player(x):
pi1,pi2,pi3,pi4,seed = x
command = f"./Game -s {seed} {pi1} {pi2} {pi3} {pi4} --input default.cnf --output /dev/null"
res =" ")), capture_output=True)
for line in res.stderr.decode().splitlines():
if "got top score" in line:
for p in (pi1,pi2,pi3,pi4):
if p in line.split():
return (p, seed)
if __name__ == '__main__':
assert(len(sys.argv) >= 6)
p1,p2,p3,p4, N_PARTIDES = sys.argv[1:]
with Pool(processes=N_THREADS) as pool:
result =, ((p1,p2,p3,p4,i) for i in random.choices(range(99999), k=N_PARTIDES)))
res = defaultdict(list)
for i, j in result:
for p in res:
print(f"Player {p} won with seeds {res[p]}\n")
print("\n \nAND:")
for p in res:
print(f"Player {p:12} got {len(res[p]):4} wins, ie {100.0*len(res[p])/N_PARTIDES:2.2f}%")
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