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Optional Unwrapping with Closures
public protocol OptionalType {
associatedtype Wrapped
var value: Wrapped? { get }
extension Optional: OptionalType {
public var value: Wrapped? {
return self
public func then(_ closure: (Wrapped) -> Void) -> Optional {
if case .some(let item) = self {
return self
public func otherwise(_ closure: () -> Void) {
if case .none = self {

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freak4pc commented Jul 13, 2017

Allows doing things like

MyObject(dependency1: xyz)
    .then { doSomethingWithObject($0) }
    .otherwise { print("This is nil") }


MyViewController(dependency1: xyz)
    .then { [weak self] in self?.present($0, animated: true, completion: nil) }
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