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class PyType {
constructor(name, bases, dict) { = name
this.bases = bases
this.dict = dict
__str__() {
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Travel Tips (for architecture armv7):
U _CFStringGetCStringPtr
U _NSLog
U _NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains
U _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSCharacterSet
U _OBJC_EHTYPE_$_NSException
U _UIApplicationMain
import asyncio
async def stuff(val):
print("Going to sleep for", val)
await asyncio.sleep(val)
return val * 2
def do_stuff():
print("do stuff")
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I don't think I've ever stayed at a hotel that has so fundamentally failed at the basic competence of being a hotel.

We arrived at midday, expecting a 3PM checkin. We didn't get into our room until 5PM. Some of our travelling companions didn't get into their room until 10:30PM.

When we did get to our room (a double), the room itself was barely large enough to stand in. There were two beds... but space for bags, etc was extremely limited.

The bathroom was even worse. You couldn't use the facilities without fully closing the door behind you. The room was provided with 1 full size bath towel, and 2 smaller towels. We rang reception for more towels and were delivered... 2 more hand towels.

The coffee facilities (again, for 2 people) consisted of a single coffee pod.

from toga.interface.window import Window as WindowInterface
from .libs import *
from .container import Container
from . import dialogs
class Window(WindowInterface):
# _IMPL_CLASS = WinForms.Form
from javax.swing import JFrame, JLabel, SwingUtilities
class HelloWorldSwing(implements=java.lang.Runnable):
def run(self) -> void:
def createAndShowGUI(self):
frame = JFrame("HelloWorldSwing")
import toga
class Login(toga.App):
def validate_user(self, widget):
if self.username.value == self.password.value:
self.main_window.info_dialog("Login", "Welcome to the show!")
self.main_window.error_dialog("Error", "Go away, intruder!")
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Cross-platform Native GUI development with BeeWare


Both your title and this description are made public and displayed in the conference program to help attendees decide whether they are interested in this presentation. Limit this description to a few concise paragraphs.

Have you ever wanted to write a GUI application you can run on your laptop? What about an app that you can run on your phone? Historically, these have been difficult to achieve with Python, and impossible to achieve without learning a different API for each platform. But no more.

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The Challenge


Develop a Visual Studio 2017 solution file that will enable a user to download a zip file of content (including a solution file), open the solution, hit run, and have the code Just Work (tm).

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