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because i was curious, also keywords not supporting spaces is puzzling, why?
(ns keyword-reader-macro.core
(:import [clojure.lang LispReader LispReader$StringReader]))
(defn field []
(.getDeclaredField LispReader "dispatchMacros"))
(defn dispatch-macros []
(.get (field) LispReader))
(defn dispatch-reader!
(nth (dispatch-macros) (int key)))
([key afn]
(.set (field) LispReader
(->> (assoc (into [] (dispatch-macros))
(int key) afn)
(into-array clojure.lang.IFn)))))
(defn keyword-reader [reader & params]
(LispReader/read1 reader)
(keyword (apply (LispReader$StringReader.) reader params)))
(defn set-keyword-reader! []
(dispatch-reader! \k keyword-reader))
#k"keyword with spaces~~ yaaay"
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