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Last active August 29, 2015 14:21
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Full Transactions in CSV format
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# how to run:
# ruby ./omise_export.rb
# Works on Mac OS X
# It will generate (and overwrite) a csv file with name full_transactions.csv
require 'date'
require 'json'
# Update your valid Live Secret Key, this is only a test key:
skey = 'skey_test_4zt0fss8eklsj88dx9l'
# Dates: Between April and May 2015
from = '2015-04-01'
to = '2016-06-01'
# Limiting to 10,000 records
limit = 10000
# No change required below
charges_raw = `curl -s -X GET -u #{skey}: -d 'from=#{from}' -d 'to=#{to}' -d 'offset=0' -d 'limit=#{limit}'`;nil
charges = JSON.parse(charges_raw);nil
transactions_raw = `curl -s -X GET -u #{skey}: -d 'from=#{from}' -d 'to=#{to}' -d 'offset=0' -d 'limit=#{limit}'`;nil
transactions = JSON.parse(transactions_raw);nil
file ='./full_transactions.csv', "w+")
file.write "Date,Charge Id,Status,Description,CC,Name,Last Digits,Amount,Fees,Vat,Net,Refund\n"
charges['data'].each do |charge|
status = case charge["captured"]
when true
when false
if charge["refunds"]["data"].any?
refund = charge["refunds"]["data"].map{|t| (t["amount"].to_f/100)}.inject(:+)
refund = ''
net_amount = (charge["amount"].to_f/100)
if charge["transaction"] && (transaction = transactions["data"].find{|t| t["id"] == charge["transaction"]})
amount = (transaction["amount"].to_f/100)
fee = (net_amount - amount)
amount = 0
fee = 0
date = DateTime.parse(charge['created'])
date = date.to_time
array = []
array << date
array << charge['id']
array << status
array << charge['description']
array << charge['card']['brand']
array << charge['card']['name']
array << charge['card']['last_digits']
array << amount
array << fee.round(2)
array << (fee * 0.07).round(2)
array << net_amount
array << refund
file.write(array.join(",") + "\n")
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