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Last active Nov 18, 2020
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Resume of Yuki Aki (freddi)


About me

Graduated from Computer Science Degree in Japan, and working as iOS Engineer at LINE Fukuoka. Has the experience of giving a talk at world-wide Conference. Interested in Swift Compiler and gave some talks about compiler. Interested in OSS Project and contributed to some projects, like Swift Compiler and Tools for Xcode.


If you are interested in me, please contact me from Twitter, Linkedin, or Mail. But I'm enjoying current job :)

Skills and Experience on working

  • Swift 3 years (3 years experience of Working)
  • iOS 3 years (3 years experience of Working)
  • C++ (2 years experience of Working)
  • Python (2 years experience of Working)

iOS Development Experience

  • UIKit and other apple libraries for App Development as working
    • Building Screen using UIKit, Interface Builder, coding etc.
    • Push Notification Ecosystem using App Extension and designed notification system co-existing with Android
    • Debugging by using external tools like
    • etc ...
  • UIKit+MVVM, MVP, MVC Archtecture

Swift Experience

  • Writing code using coolest feature of Swift Language as working
    • Using Protocol Oriented Programming to refactor and make old-class testable
    • Migrated code-base of project to newest Swift Language (like 4.2 -> 5.x)
    • Make compiling time of product code faster by understanding behavior of Swift Compiler
    • etc ...
  • Auto Code generation by using OSS Tools and Python (Detailed blog will come later)
  • Have a experience of use external Libraries
    • Reactive Programming with RxSwift, RxCocoa
    • Using Database with Realm
    • etc ...

Team Developing Experience

  • Developing new feature of Application with Designer and Planner (Product/Project Manager)
    • Making a new feature spec of Developer-side (shared with Server-side)
  • Code Review in English
    • You can see my review(ed) things in OSS Topics as example
  • Fix Bugs by only reading reported stack trace which is very hard to represent on dev-env (only user-env)
  • etc ...

Others (e.g. Not Working Experinence)

  • Write and presented about UIKit, Swift (Compiler), SwiftUI ... (ref Appendix Part)
  • Shared knowledge in tech-meeting in company (e.g. new version Swift feature, Compiler ...)
  • Contribute to OSS
  • Un-official Adviser to many Developers

Contribution to Open Source Project

I contributed OSS Projects, Swift Compiler, XcodeGen ... to fix bug and add new feature.


I found that swift compiler's optimizer had a problem of checking function has a side-effect. If this missed case was still missing, swift compiler may delete a function which has side-effect and it may effects to app behavior. So, I made a pull request to fix it and was merged. It was written in C++.

Also, fixed docs of Swift Intermediate Language:

I made a article around it: in Japanese


I added new feature to support Local Swift Package and fixed bugs. Company's Project had a local Swift Package when XcodeGen not supported it. So, I made Pull Request for supporting it and merged.


As you (may) know, installing Xcode takes long time and sometimes it is canceled many time if network environment is poor. This problem had on xcode-install which supports to install and manage many Xcode version. I added new feature to support downloading by adding option for retrying download count. It was written in Ruby.

And some code review:

Giving a talk on Conference and meetup


There are talks I had given, related to Swift, Swift Compiler, Technical Writing etc. Currently, My all talk proposals were approved.

In English

In Japanese

Meetup Talks (Almost Japanese)

There are talks I had given, related to UIKit, SwiftUI, Swift Compiler etc


Computer Science (Compiler, CPU ...)



Interested In ...

  • Developing Big iOS Project and Refactoring
  • Using Flutter/Dart some part of App

I learned many refactor way by myself but still not tried on Project. So I want to try how it works well in some project.


  • Writing Technical Article
    • I wrote technical articles, please ref below appendix column.
  • Walking
  • Traveling
  • Plastic model and hand-made keyboard

Detailed History


  • Part Time Engineer at OPTiM Inc. (2016 - 2018)
    • Python
    • Deep Learning
  • Part Time Engineer at LINE Fukuoka (2018 - 2019)
    • iOS, UIKit
    • Swift


  • Guraduated From Kyushu Institute of Technology

    • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Engineer at LINE Fukuoka (2019 -)

  • Speaker at try! Swift Tokyo 2019

  • Speaker at try! Swift NYC 2019

  • Speaker at SwiftcKaigi#1


  • Speaker at try! Swift Tokyo 2020(Canceled)
  • Instructor of try! Swift World 2020
  • Speaker at iOSDC Japan 2020
  • Speaker at NSSpain 2020


Writing Technical Article


Qiita (in Japanese)

Related to Swift

Related to UIKit

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