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Created June 8, 2012 22:27
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Real World Comparison of Python Platform Performance

Real World Comparison of Python Platform Performance

Data parsing benchmark, using homogeneous Python source code across all platforms with the exception of, for Cython, type annotation and compilation to C. CPython 2.7.2 invoked with python, Cython 0.16 with python with test script loading compiled module, and PyPy 1.9 with pypy.

wc data.log
  21768456  360606156 3563967905 data.log
time wc -l data.log
21768456 data.log

real    0m44.260s
user    0m0.830s
sys     0m1.700s


real    1m24.241s
user    0m41.580s
sys     0m4.820s

real    1m22.944s
user    0m39.770s
sys     0m4.590s

real    1m21.810s
user    0m38.380s
sys     0m4.920s

real    1m24.117s
user    0m39.220s
sys     0m4.970s

real    1m23.567s
user    0m40.620s
sys     0m4.900s


real    1m20.225s
user    0m32.960s
sys     0m4.480s

real    1m21.224s
user    0m34.620s
sys     0m4.460s

real    1m21.565s
user    0m33.900s
sys     0m5.350s

real    1m21.104s
user    0m33.120s
sys     0m4.410s

real    1m20.697s
user    0m32.910s
sys     0m4.850s


real    1m12.922s
user    0m21.400s
sys     0m4.250s

real    1m12.105s
user    0m21.070s
sys     0m4.110s

real    1m12.800s
user    0m20.930s
sys     0m3.810s

real    1m12.403s
user    0m21.230s
sys     0m3.280s

real    1m12.515s
user    0m20.860s
sys     0m3.870s
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