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Deep into the code

Fredrik Johansson fredrik-johansson

Deep into the code
  • INRIA & Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux, France
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Generic Flint-style rings using void pointers + context objects.
* Small code size, fast compilation.
* Possible to pack data efficiently (down to 1 byte / element).
* Plain C, similar interface to existing Flint code.
* Data layouts backwards compatible with most existing Flint types.
* Support all unusual cases in Flint/Arb/Calcium uniformly (error handling,
fredrik-johansson / nmul.c
Created Apr 5, 2021
Some new nmod_poly multiplication code
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#include "flint/nmod_poly.h"
#include "flint/profiler.h"
Multiplication/squaring using Kronecker substitution at 2^b and -2^b.
_nmod_poly_mul_KS2B(mp_ptr res, mp_srcptr op1, slong n1,
mp_srcptr op2, slong n2, nmod_t mod)
fredrik-johansson / matperf.c
Created Mar 22, 2021
Some old matrix profiling code
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#include "flint/fmpz_mat.h"
#include "flint/profiler.h"
#define TIMEIT_PRINT1(__var, __timer, __reps) \
__var = __timer->cpu*0.001/__reps;
#define TIMEIT_REPEAT1(__timer, __reps) \
do \
{ \
slong __timeit_k; \
fredrik-johansson /
Created Jul 28, 2020
Extended Rademacher series
from flint import fmpq, fmpz
from cmath import *
from mpmath import plot
def dedekind_sum(r, k, _cache={}):
key = (r << 24) | k
if key in _cache:
return _cache[key]
if fmpz(r).gcd(k) != 1:
v = None
View illinois.c
#include "acb_dirichlet.h"
/* todo: separate prec, eval_prec... */
acb_dirichlet_zeta_zero_refine_illinois(arb_t res, const arf_t ra, const arf_t rb, slong prec)
arf_t a, b, fa, fb, c, fc, t;
acb_t z;
slong k;
int asign, bsign, csign;
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Copyright (C) 2018 Fredrik Johansson
This file is part of Arb.
Arb is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as published
by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version. See <>.
View pearcey.c
#include <string.h>
#include "acb_calc.h"
#include "flint/profiler.h"
/* the integrand */
f_pearcey(acb_ptr res, const acb_t z, void * param, slong order, slong prec)
acb_t t, u;
fredrik-johansson / trapezoid.c
Created Sep 1, 2016
Trapezoidal integration with error bounds using Arb
View trapezoid.c
Naive implementation of the trapezoidal rule for integration.
(A non-naive implementation would provide adaptivity, etc.)
WARNING: I have not checked carefully that the code is correct.
Let me know if there is a bug.
#include "arb.h"
#include "arb_poly.h"
View arbmpfr.c
#include "arb.h"
#include "acb_hypgeom.h"
void arb_root_ui_algebraic(arb_t res, const arb_t x, ulong k, slong prec);
_arb_pow(arb_t res, const arb_t x, const arb_t y, slong prec)
slong rootlim;