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Last active August 5, 2017 20:18
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statvfs (cgo)
package main
// build +cgo
import (
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/statvfs.h>
import "C"
func main() {
vbuf := new(C.struct_statvfs)
path := C.CString(os.Args[1])
ret := C.statvfs(path, vbuf)
fmt.Println("Error:", ret)
fmt.Println("Block Size:", vbuf.f_bsize)
fmt.Println("Fragment Size:", vbuf.f_frsize)
fmt.Println("Total Blocks:", vbuf.f_blocks)
fmt.Println("Free Blocks:", vbuf.f_bfree)
fmt.Println("Free Blocks (non-root):", vbuf.f_bavail)
fmt.Println("Total Files:", vbuf.f_files)
fmt.Println("Free Files:", vbuf.f_ffree)
fmt.Println("Free Files (non-root):", vbuf.f_favail)
fmt.Println("Fsid:", vbuf.f_fsid)
fmt.Println("Flags:", vbuf.f_flag)
fmt.Println("Namelen:", vbuf.f_namemax)
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