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NBC News Data / Graphics internship

NBC News Data Graphics team intern

The Data/Graphics team at NBC News is responsible for explaining the news through visualizations and data analysis.

We build interactives, charts, maps, illustrations, graphics and more to tell the news in a compelling and thoughtful way. See our recent work:

The intern should be interested in data visualizations and be an avid news reader. They should have an interest in data journalism and will help find stories that we could be telling in a new and visual way. They will also help create charts, maps and graphics for breaking news stories and for reported features.

Note that this internship is only available to those who will be current students at the time of the internship.

The internship is paid ($25 / hour), interns are required to be in the office at 30 Rock in Midtown Manhattan three days a week, a laptop will be provided. The term runs June 3 – August 9, 2024.

The intern will learn and come away with a basic understanding of:

  • The command line
  • Basic HTML
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • How to clean and analyze datasets (via Jupyter notebooks or other tools)
  • How to organize a spreadsheet and Excel / Google Sheets
  • POSSIBLY: Knowledge of accessibility / d3 / QGIS / JavaScript / CSS / Git / CSVkit

Email resumes to

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