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NBC News Data Graphics team intern

The Data/Graphics team at NBC News is responsible for explaining the news through visualizations and data analysis.

We build interactives, charts, maps, illustrations, graphics and more to tell the news in a compelling and thoughtful way. See our recent work:

The intern should be interested in data visualizations and be an avid news reader. He or should have an interest in data journalism and will help find stories that we could be telling in a new and visual way. He or she will also help create charts, maps and graphics for breaking news stories and for reported features. The intern should:

  • Have some experience on the command line
  • Understand basic HTML and CSS
  • Have experience working with Adobe Illustrator
  • Have a basic understanding of how to clean datasets
  • Have a basic understanding of how to organize a spreadsheet and Excel / Google Sheets
  • PLUSSES FOR: Knowledge of d3.js / QGIS / JavaScript
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