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Convert xpub/xprv to zpub/zprv
import base58
x = 'xprv9s21ZrQH143K2f55zo5GiXiX16MiPzBgc2bEXNd77e1ooGsjxAyXjozyuniqiSB76VESjTW8s7vdsK3NFboha6tZgF9BzcDdNtUT6Aw99P2'
zp = b'\x04\xb2\x43\x0c'
base58.b58encode_check(zp + base58.b58decode_check(x)[4:]).decode('ascii')
# output: 'zprvAWgYBBk7JR8GjFTKfWeX8huXM2ecHEAgSFdg6AQssemZuUWCTVJeywKFxCe1iFUwumU4EQhFnSdjdtGVgzdjAaFmQvY3ARrbvLbjsLf6oNE'
# xprv = b'\x04\x88\xad\xe4'
# yprv = b'\x04\x9d\x78\x78'
# zprv = b'\x04\xb2\x43\x0c'
# xpub = b'\x04\x88\xb2\x1e'
# ypub = b'\x04\x9d\x7c\xb2'
# zpub = b'\x04\xb2\x47\x46'
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How do we get the taproot extended public and private keys?

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