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Forked from CMGS/tmp
Created Jan 13, 2016
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# Generated by confd
include "bird_aggr.cfg";
include "bird_ipam.cfg";
router id {{getenv "IP"}};
{{define "LOGGING"}}
{{$node_logging_key := printf "/host/%s/loglevel" (getenv "HOSTNAME")}}{{if exists $node_logging_key}}{{$logging := getv $node_logging_key}}
{{if eq $logging "debug"}} debug all;{{else if ne $logging "none"}} debug { states };{{end}}
{{else if exists "/global/loglevel"}}{{$logging := getv "/global/loglevel"}}
{{if eq $logging "debug"}} debug all;{{else if ne $logging "none"}} debug { states };{{end}}
{{else}} debug { states };{{end}}
# Configure synchronization between routing tables and kernel.
protocol kernel {
learn; # Learn all alien routes from the kernel
persist; # Don't remove routes on bird shutdown
scan time 2; # Scan kernel routing table every 2 seconds
import all;
export filter calico_ipip; # Default is export none
graceful restart; # Turn on graceful restart to reduce potential flaps in
# routes when reloading BIRD configuration. With a full
# automatic mesh, there is no way to prevent BGP from
# flapping since multiple nodes update their BGP
# configuration at the same time, GR is not guaranteed to
# work correctly in this scenario.
# Watch interface up/down events.
protocol device {
{{template "LOGGING"}}
scan time 2; # Scan interfaces every 2 seconds
protocol direct {
{{template "LOGGING"}}
interface -"cali*", -"vnbe*", "*"; # Exclude cali* but include everything else.
{{$node_as_key := printf "/host/%s/as_num" (getenv "HOSTNAME")}}
# Template for all BGP clients
template bgp bgp_template {
{{template "LOGGING"}}
description "Connection to BGP peer";
local as {{if exists $node_as_key}}{{getv $node_as_key}}{{else}}{{getv "/global/as_num"}}{{end}};
gateway recursive; # This should be the default, but just in case.
import all; # Import all routes, since we don't know what the upstream
# topology is and therefore have to trust the ToR/RR.
export filter calico_pools; # Only want to export routes for workloads.
next hop self; # Disable next hop processing and always advertise our
# local address as nexthop
source address {{getenv "IP"}}; # The local address we use for the TCP connection
add paths on;
graceful restart; # See comment in kernel section about graceful restart.
# ------------- Node-to-node mesh -------------
{{if (json (getv "/global/node_mesh")).enabled}}
{{range $host := lsdir "/host"}}
{{$onode_as_key := printf "/host/%s/as_num" .}}
{{$onode_ip_key := printf "/host/%s/ip_addr_v4" .}}{{$onode_ip := getv $onode_ip_key}}
{{$nums := split $onode_ip "."}}{{$id := join $nums "_"}}
# For peer {{$onode_ip_key}}
{{if eq $onode_ip (getenv "IP") }}# Skipping ourselves ({{getenv "IP"}})
{{else if ne "" $onode_ip}}protocol bgp Mesh_{{$id}} from bgp_template {
neighbor {{$onode_ip}} as {{if exists $onode_as_key}}{{getv $onode_as_key}}{{else}}{{getv "/global/as_num"}}{{end}};
# Node-to-node mesh disabled
# ------------- Global peers -------------
{{if ls "/global/peer_v4"}}
{{range gets "/global/peer_v4/*"}}{{$data := json .Value}}
{{$nums := split $data.ip "."}}{{$id := join $nums "_"}}
# For peer {{.Key}}
protocol bgp Global_{{$id}} from bgp_template {
neighbor {{$data.ip}} as {{$data.as_num}};
{{else}}# No global peers configured.{{end}}
# ------------- Node-specific peers -------------
{{$node_peers_key := printf "/host/%s/peer_v4" (getenv "HOSTNAME")}}
{{if ls $node_peers_key}}
{{range gets (printf "%s/*" $node_peers_key)}}{{$data := json .Value}}
{{$nums := split $data.ip "."}}{{$id := join $nums "_"}}
# For peer {{.Key}}
protocol bgp Node_{{$id}} from bgp_template {
neighbor {{$data.ip}} as {{$data.as_num}};
{{else}}# No node-specific peers configured.{{end}}
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