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Notes on JavaScript prototypes

Why Objects were successful

  • essense of objects is (dynamic) dispatch
  • dispatch provides interoperability
  • first-class interoperability is critical to frameworks and ecosystems
  • frameworks and ecosystems are economically critical to the software industry
  • likely a significant factor in objects' success
  • Also talks about early mistakes in Simula

Why objects are inevitable

  • Cook's definition: "An Object is a value exporting a procedural interface to data or behavior

Self: The power of simplicity

  • real-world vs computers: can make sweeping changes by changing shared behavior in computers

Self: organizing programs without classes

Lua has prototypes via the metatable and __index property

Why prototypal inheritance matters

Prototypal OO using JS

  • rocking chair = prototype of chair + 2 rockers
    • no blueprint needed

JS the core 2nd ed

Crockford on Prototypes

  • Crockford "invents" Object.create
    • never included in the language originally
      • original JS: new f() produces a new object that inherits from f.prototype
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