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PyData Hyperconvergence Tutorial: Graph Gadget JS
/*global window, rJS, RSVP, URI */
/*jslint nomen: true, indent: 2, maxerr: 3 */
(function (window, rJS, RSVP, URI) {
"use strict";
// Init local properties
.ready(function (g) {
g.props = {};
// Assign the element to a variable
.ready(function (g) {
return g.getElement()
.push(function (element) {
g.props.element = element;
// Acquired methods
.declareAcquiredMethod("updateHeader", "updateHeader")
// declared methods
.declareMethod("render", function () {
var gadget = this;
return gadget.updateHeader({
page_title: 'PyData'
}(window, rJS, RSVP, URI));
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