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. (Resolve-Path "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\GitHub\shell.ps1")
If (Test-Path "cloud_package.cspkg") {
Remove-Item "cloud_package.cspkg" -Force
cd "WebRole"
iex "git reset --hard origin/master"
iex "git pull"
cmd /C "rmdir /S /Q node_modules"
# Fix deployment issue with long paths by installing these modules at the root
iex "npm i lodash@~2.4.1"
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) { throw "npm i lodash@~2.4.1 failed with exit code $LastExitCode" }
iex "npm i --production"
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) { throw "npm i --production failed with exit code $LastExitCode" }
iex "npm dedupe"
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