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$(function() {
ajax: {
url: "/dashboard/api/1/apps",
dataType: 'json',
delay: 250,
// the first parameter passed into this
// function is a direct reference to the "term" from the select2
// search box so you don't need to add params.term.
data: function (params) {
return {
name: params,
* results is the actual name of the select2
* function that gets called internally when
* data is returned from the server so it must
* be named results.
results: function (data, page) {
// parse the results into the format expected by Select2.
// since we are using custom formatting functions we do not need to
// alter the remote JSON data
* you can't call a function after a return statement.
* Passing a non-string value to alert will only return
* [object Object] so in order to see what will be inside
* data use console.log(data).
return {
results: data.apps
cache: true
* outside of the ajax options
* there is a formatSelection and a formatResult
* which are responsible for taking what was specified
* in the results function and actually displaying it.
* formatResult will be called on every item
* in the array, so each app in apps will run
* through the formatResult function
formatResult: function (app) {
* formatSelection is called once the user
* makes a selection and it determines what
* format the data will be displayed in once a
* selection is made.
formatSelection: function (app) {
escapeMarkup: function (markup) { return markup; }, // let our custom formatter work
minimumInputLength: 1,
// templateResult: formatRepo, // omitted for brevity, see the source of this page
// templateSelection: formatRepoSelection // omitted for brevity, see the source of this page
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