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Last active Dec 23, 2015
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UPDATE: Use instead || MediaPortal WebEPG grabber file for
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Info language="de" availableDays="14" timezone="W. Europe Standard Time" version="2.1.0" />
<Channel id="13TH STREET Universal" siteId="112" />
<Channel id="3sat" siteId="1" />
<Channel id="Animal Planet" siteId="73" />
<Channel id="Animax" siteId="171" />
<Channel id="ANIXE HD" siteId="4" />
<Channel id="ARTE" siteId="6" />
<Channel id="ATV II" siteId="138" />
<Channel id="ATV" siteId="7" />
<Channel id="AXN" siteId="9" />
<Channel id="ARD Alpha" siteId="2" />
<Channel id="AE" siteId="170" />
<Channel id="BBC Entertainm." siteId="15" />
<Channel id="BBC World News" siteId="14" />
<Channel id="Beate-Uhse.TV" siteId="18" />
<Channel id="Bibel TV" siteId="16" />
<Channel id="Boomerang" siteId="175" />
<Channel id="BR" siteId="12" />
<Channel id="Cartoon Network" siteId="156" />
<Channel id="Classica" siteId="21" />
<Channel id="CNN International" siteId="22" />
<Channel id="COMEDY CENTRAL" siteId="23" />
<Channel id="Das Erste" siteId="5" />
<Channel id="Discovery HD" siteId="27" />
<Channel id="Disney Junior" siteId="178" />
<Channel id="Disney Channel" siteId="25" />
<Channel id="Disney XD" siteId="28" />
<Channel id="DMAX" siteId="30" />
<Channel id="DW-TV" siteId="34" />
<Channel id="E! Entertainm." siteId="176" />
<Channel id="Einsfestival" siteId="38" />
<Channel id="EinsPlus" siteId="59" />
<Channel id="euronews" siteId="35" />
<Channel id="Eurosport 2" siteId="143" />
<Channel id="Eurosport" siteId="36" />
<Channel id="Franken TV" siteId="39" />
<Channel id="France 2" siteId="145" />
<Channel id="France 3" siteId="42" />
<Channel id="FOX" siteId="41" />
<Channel id="GoldStar TV" siteId="44" />
<Channel id="Hamburg 1" siteId="148" />
<Channel id="Heimatkanal" siteId="45" />
<Channel id="HISTORY HD" siteId="47" />
<Channel id="HR" siteId="49" />
<Channel id="HSE24" siteId="48" />
<Channel id="Junior" siteId="50" />
<Channel id="kabel eins CLASSICS" siteId="52"/>
<Channel id="kabel eins" siteId="51" />
<Channel id="KiKA" siteId="54" />
<Channel id="Kinowelt TV" siteId="53" />
<Channel id="MDR" siteId="55" />
<Channel id="MGM" siteId="56" />
<Channel id="MTV" siteId="57" />
<Channel id="mü" siteId="58" />
<Channel id="N24" siteId="60" />
<Channel id="Nat Geo HD" siteId="62" />
<Channel id="NAT GEO WILD" siteId="149" />
<Channel id="NDR" siteId="67" />
<Channel id="Nickelodeon" siteId="64" />
<Channel id="" siteId="154" />
<Channel id="n-tv" siteId="68" />
<Channel id="ORF 2" siteId="72" />
<Channel id="ORF eins" siteId="71" />
<Channel id="ORF III" siteId="137" />
<Channel id="ORF SPORT +" siteId="139" />
<Channel id="PHOENIX" siteId="77" />
<Channel id="PLANET" siteId="174" />
<Channel id="Playboy TV Europe" siteId="74" />
<Channel id="ProSieben Fun" siteId="157" />
<Channel id="ProSieben MAXX" siteId="153" />
<Channel id="ProSieben" siteId="79" />
<Channel id="PULS 4" siteId="80" />
<Channel id="QVC" siteId="81" />
<Channel id="RBB" siteId="83" />
<Channel id="Romance TV" siteId="158" />
<Channel id="RTL Crime" siteId="88" />
<Channel id="RTL II" siteId="87" />
<Channel id="RTL Living" siteId="159" />
<Channel id="RTL NITRO" siteId="142" />
<Channel id="RTL" siteId="86" />
<Channel id="RTL Passion" siteId="134" />
<Channel id="SAT.1 emotions" siteId="150" />
<Channel id="SAT.1 Gold" siteId="151" />
<Channel id="SAT.1" siteId="92" />
<Channel id="ServusTV HD" siteId="135" />
<Channel id="SF 1" siteId="32" />
<Channel id="SF zwei" siteId="144" />
<Channel id="Silverline" siteId="93" />
<Channel id="sixx" siteId="133" />
<Channel id="Sky 3D" siteId="163" />
<Channel id="Sky Action" siteId="94" />
<Channel id="Sky Atlantic HD" siteId="162" />
<Channel id="Sky Bundesliga HD 1" siteId="95" />
<Channel id="Sky Cinema Hits" siteId="99" />
<Channel id="Sky Cinemagic" siteId="26" />
<Channel id="Sky Cinema" siteId="96" />
<Channel id="Sky Cinema+1" siteId="97" />
<Channel id="Sky Cinema+24" siteId="98" />
<Channel id="Sky Comedy" siteId="100" />
<Channel id="Sky Emotion" siteId="101" />
<Channel id="Sky Krimi" siteId="102" />
<Channel id="Sky Nostalgie" siteId="103" />
<Channel id="Sky Sport Austria" siteId="106" />
<Channel id="Sky Sport HD 1" siteId="104" />
<Channel id="Sky Sport HD 2" siteId="105" />
<Channel id="sonnenklar.TV" siteId="109" />
<Channel id="Spreekanal" siteId="111" />
<Channel id="SPIEGEL Geschichte" siteId="152" />
<Channel id="SPIEGEL TV WISSEN" siteId="128" />
<Channel id="SPORT1 US" siteId="160" />
<Channel id="SPORT1" siteId="33" />
<Channel id="SPORT1+" siteId="177" />
<Channel id="SUPER RTL" siteId="113" />
<Channel id="SWR/SR" siteId="90" />
<Channel id="SWR RP" siteId="172" />
<Channel id="Syfy" siteId="75" />
<Channel id="tagesschau24" siteId="37" />
<Channel id="TELE 5" siteId="118" />
<Channel id="Tide TV" siteId="117" />
<Channel id="TLC" siteId="155" />
<Channel id="TNT Film" siteId="136" />
<Channel id="TNT Serie" siteId="120" />
<Channel id="TNT Glitz" siteId="173" />
<Channel id="" siteId="123" />
<Channel id="Universal Channel" siteId="164" />
<Channel id="VIVA" siteId="125" />
<Channel id="VOX" siteId="126" />
<Channel id="WDR" siteId="127" />
<Channel id="ZDF" siteId="129" />
<Channel id="ZDFinfo" siteId="130" />
<Channel id="ZDFkultur" siteId="132" />
<Channel id="ZDFneo" siteId="131" />
<Listing type="Html">
<Site url="[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]/[ID]/" post="" external="false" encoding="" />
<Template name="default">
<SectionTemplate tags="TA">
<td class="time leftPrint" rowspan="1">
<td class="details leftPrint" rowspan="1">
<td class="image leftPrint" rowspan="1"><z(><a></a></z)?></td>
<z(><td class="time rightPrint" rowspan="*"><a></a><a></a></td></z)?>
<z(><td class="details rightPrint" rowspan="*"><a></a></td></z)?>
<z(><td class="image rightPrint" rowspan="*"><z(><a></a></z)?></td></z)?>

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@fritzmg fritzmg commented Dec 23, 2015

This grabber file does not work well. Use instead!

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