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// Define a book type
type Book = {
title: string;
genre: string;
publicationYear: number;
// Define a list of types
const listOfBooks: Book[] = [
{title: 'Dragon Of The Titans', genre: 'fantasy', publicationYear: 1992},
{title: 'Queen Of Spring', genre: 'drama', publicationYear: 2005},
{title: 'Wolves Of The King', genre: 'fantasy', publicationYear: 1988},
// Use a common function to retrieve books
const filterArrayByValue = (items: Book[], propertyName: string, valueToFilter: string): Book[] => {
return items.filter(item => item[propertyName] === valueToFilter);
// Call the function
// The result is an array with two books: "Dragon Of The Titans" and "Wolves Of The King"
console.log(filterArrayByValue(listOfBooks, 'genre', 'fantasy')
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