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Usage patterns for MeteoDoc2CSV
MeteoDoc2CSV 0.0.1
Parse Word files of a proprietary format into CSV files.
Usage: <input_file>... [-o=<output_file>] <input_file>... [--append=<append>] [--prepend=<prepend>] -d <input_dir> [--append=<append>] [--prepend=<prepend>] [--join] (-h | --help) --version
-h --help Show this screen.
--version Show version.
-o --out=<output_file> Output file path.
Can contain file name when used with a single input file.
Otherwise specify only output directory.
Default: input file name with ".csv" extension.
-a --append=<append> Append to output file name, before the ".csv" extension.
-p --prepend=<prepend> Prepend to output file name.
-d --dir=<input_dir> Input directory path.
Only valid if --out is specified as relative path, or file name.
Default: same directory where input file(s) is located.
-j --join Combine input files in a single output file.
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