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Created Jan 30, 2017
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StopLight IO workflow for hosted docs from Django Rest Framework docstrings


One-time only.

  1. We export a Swagger spec file (api_swagger.json) from DRF code and import it into StopLight as a new API, first version.
  2. Commit this file on dev branch on GitHub.
  3. In StopLight we make any necessary changes:
    • assign groups to the API endpoints
    • we should not edit descriptions that were imported, because of possible Git merge conflicts later on
  4. Export a Swagger spec file from StopLight.
  5. Commit that file as an update to api_swagger.json onto our staging branch on GitHub.

Dev workflow

  1. Developers make a change in our Python code, and update the docstrings accordingly.
  2. On git commit (on their feature branches), a git hook (custom built) will update api_swagger.json
  3. Pull requests dev -> staging will trigger a webhook (custom built) that will PUT the now MERGED api_swagger.json from staging to StopLight.
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