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# Concatenation of argmax and max value for each row
def max_values_only(data):
argmax_col = np.argmax(data, axis=1).reshape(-1, 1)
max_col = np.max(data, axis=1).reshape(-1, 1)
return np.concatenate([argmax_col, max_col], axis=1)
# Build simplified prediction tables
tf_model_pred_simplified = max_values_only(tf_model_predictions)
tflite_model_pred_simplified = max_values_only(tflite_model_predictions)
tflite_q_model_pred_simplified = max_values_only(tflite_q_model_predictions)
# Build DataFrames and present example
columns_names = ["Label_id", "Confidence"]
tf_model_simple_dataframe = pd.DataFrame(tf_model_pred_simplified)
tf_model_simple_dataframe.columns = columns_names
tflite_model_simple_dataframe = pd.DataFrame(tflite_model_pred_simplified)
tflite_model_simple_dataframe.columns = columns_names
tflite_q_model_simple_dataframe = pd.DataFrame(tflite_q_model_pred_simplified)
tflite_q_model_simple_dataframe.columns = columns_names
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