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** Graphics info for pid 23381 [com.frogermcs.framemetrics] **
Stats since: 30106947534630ns
Total frames rendered: 329
Janky frames: 119 (36.17%)
50th percentile: 8ms
90th percentile: 1000ms
95th percentile: 3000ms
99th percentile: 4950ms
Number Missed Vsync: 29
Number High input latency: 12
Number Slow UI thread: 78
Number Slow bitmap uploads: 7
Number Slow issue draw commands: 99
HISTOGRAM: 5ms=85 6ms=40 7ms=29 8ms=16 9ms=3 10ms=10 11ms=5 12ms=8 13ms=1 14ms=6 15ms=5 16ms=2 17ms=0 18ms=2 19ms=0 20ms=2 21ms=3 22ms=2 23ms=2 24ms=2 25ms=0 26ms=1 27ms=0 28ms=0 29ms=0 30ms=1 31ms=0 32ms=0 34ms=0 36ms=0 38ms=0 40ms=0 42ms=0 44ms=2 46ms=1 48ms=9 53ms=21 57ms=13 61ms=1 65ms=1 69ms=0 73ms=0 77ms=0 81ms=0 85ms=2 89ms=0 93ms=0 97ms=0 101ms=0 105ms=0 109ms=0 113ms=0 117ms=2 121ms=0 125ms=0 129ms=0 133ms=0 150ms=1 200ms=1 250ms=0 300ms=0 350ms=0 400ms=0 450ms=1 500ms=11 550ms=0 600ms=0 650ms=0 700ms=0 750ms=0 800ms=0 850ms=0 900ms=1 950ms=0 1000ms=6 1050ms=2 1100ms=0 1150ms=0 1200ms=0 1250ms=3 1300ms=0 1350ms=0 1400ms=0 1450ms=0 1500ms=0 1550ms=0 1600ms=0 1650ms=0 1700ms=0 1750ms=0 1800ms=0 1850ms=0 1900ms=0 1950ms=0 2000ms=6 2050ms=0 2100ms=0 2150ms=0 2200ms=0 2250ms=0 2300ms=0 2350ms=0 2400ms=0 2450ms=0 2500ms=0 2550ms=0 2600ms=0 2650ms=0 2700ms=0 2750ms=0 2800ms=0 2850ms=0 2900ms=0 2950ms=1 3000ms=9 3050ms=1 3100ms=1 3150ms=0 3200ms=0 3250ms=0 3300ms=0 3350ms=0 3400ms=0 3450ms=0 3500ms=2 3550ms=0 3600ms=0 3650ms=0 3700ms=0 3750ms=1 3800ms=0 3850ms=0 3900ms=0 3950ms=0 4000ms=0 4050ms=0 4100ms=0 4150ms=0 4200ms=0 4250ms=0 4300ms=0 4350ms=0 4400ms=0 4450ms=0 4500ms=0 4550ms=0 4600ms=0 4650ms=0 4700ms=0 4750ms=0 4800ms=0 4850ms=0 4900ms=0 4950ms=5
Current memory usage / total memory usage (bytes):
TextureCache 0 / 58720256
LayerCache 0 / 33554432 (numLayers = 0)
Layers total 0 (numLayers = 0)
RenderBufferCache 0 / 8388608
GradientCache 0 / 1048576
PathCache 0 / 16777216
TessellationCache 0 / 1048576
TextDropShadowCache 0 / 6291456
PatchCache 0 / 131072
FontRenderer A8 1048576 / 1048576
FontRenderer RGBA 0 / 0
FontRenderer total 1048576 / 1048576
FboCache 0 / 0
Total memory usage:
1048576 bytes, 1.00 MB
Profile data in ms:
com.frogermcs.framemetrics/com.frogermcs.framemetrics.MainActivity/android.view.ViewRootImpl@4f17460 (visibility=0)
View hierarchy:
14 views, 17.62 kB of display lists
Total ViewRootImpl: 1
Total Views: 14
Total DisplayList: 17.62 kB
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