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from PIL import Image
VAL_BATCH_DIR = "validation_batch"
!mkdir {VAL_BATCH_DIR}
# Export batch to *.jpg files with specific naming convention.
# Make sure they are exported in the full quality, otherwise the inference
# process will return different results.
for n in range(32):
filename = "n{:0.0f}_true{:0.0f}_pred{:0.0f}.jpg".format(
img_arr = np.copy(val_image_batch[n])
img_arr *= 255
img_arr = img_arr.astype("uint8")
img11 = Image.fromarray(img_arr, 'RGB')"{}/{}".format(VAL_BATCH_DIR, filename), "JPEG", quality=100)
# Create archive with images
!tar -zcvf {VAL_BATCH_DIR}.tar.gz {VAL_BATCH_DIR}
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